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Delaware Tourism Office
Delaware Calendar of Events.
Delaware State Museums
Current exhibits.
Delaware City
No calendar of events.
"We want to share with you our history, architecture, beauty and our hospitality."
No calendar of events.
Dover - Johnson Victrola Museum
"Eldridge Reeves Johnson was an inventor, businessman, and philanthropist, born and raised in Delaware. He founded the Victor Talking Machine Company in 1901, producing the popular Victrola. This Museum celebrates Johnson's life and accomplishments through recollections and displays of his inventions and personal items."
No calendar of events.
Franklin Institute
"Welcome to The Franklin Institute Science Museum. We bring the exhibits, resources, and fun of a museum visit right to your desktop. Begin your visit by touring our online exhibits. Our educational hotlists point to educational hotspots on the Internet. Visit our publications library, where you'll find The Philadelphia Inquirer's Health & Science Magazine as well as other science news, activities, and resources. Use our units of study to support your science curriculum. Sample some interesting science programs and demonstrations."
No calendar of events, but kept current.
Harrington -- Delaware State Fair Last week of July
Inland Bays
"Center for the Inland Bays"
Calendar of events.
Kent County
"Attractions and historic sites for the area like BARRATT'S CHAPEL. Erected in 1780, it is known as the "Cradle of Methodism in America." The Methodists established the New World chapter of their religion here in 1784."
No calendar of events.
New Castle County
"The top of Deleware. Includes a list of attractions like the HALE-BYRNES HOUSE. A mid-18th-century brick architecture with a fieldstone springhouse along the White Clay Creek. General George Washington and his staff met here during the American Revolution's Brandywine campaign."
Calendar of events.
"Committed to Service Excellence."
Calendar of events.
Newark - Botanic Gardens, University of Delaware
"The online portion of the Botanic Gardens include pictures and information for each plant in each of these gardens •Emily B. Clark Garden •Worrilow Hall Garden •Herbaceous Garden (~150K) •Fischer Greenhouse Garden •Meadow Garden (~150K) •Native Garden •South Greenhouse Garden •Townsend Hall Garden"
No calendar of events.
Odessa Historic Houses
"In the 19th century, the village of Cantwell's Bridge was a vital grain shipping port. Aspiring to the fame of the wheat-exporting Ukrainian seaport, the village changed its name to Odessa in 1855. Today visitors to this picturesque village can enjoy much of that old atmosphere and stroll down the tree-lined streets past many restored and preserved 18th and 19th century homes."
No calendar of events.
Rehoboth Beach
Just come and lay out.
Calendar of events.
Smyrna - Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge
"15,978-acre Bombay Hook NWR is an important link in a chain of waterfowl refuges stretching from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. About three-quarters of the refuge consists of tidal salt marsh, but other acreage includes impounded fresh water pools, swamps, timbered and grassy upland, and agricultural land. The general terrain is flat and less than ten feet above sea level. Visitors here will have the chance to see numerous species of migratory birds, though Bombay Hook is primarily a refuge for migrating and wintering ducks and geese. The marsh, with its intersecting tidal streams and rivers, provides excellent natural habitat for the birds and mammals of the area."
No calendar of events.
Southern Delaware
"We invite you to explore our beaches, bays and waterways. We're the southernmost and largest of Delaware's three counties, a virtual treasure trove of places to visit, things to do and wonderful people to meet. We're the home of tax free shopping with designer outlet stores, boutiques and antique shops. We believe that you will get the best value for your vacation dollars in Southern Delaware. "
Calendar of events.
"A place to be somebody!"
Calendar of events.
Wilmington - Delaware Children's Museum
"This fascinating museum presents special exhibits just for children (from about 3 to 11 years old), though accompanying adults frequently enjoy themselves and learn something new."
No calendar of events.
Wilmington - Delaware Toy and Miniature Museum
"The museum features Bliss, MaŽrklin, Hubley, Ives, A.C. Gilbert, Schoenhut, McLoughlin and many others well known in the field of toy making. The importance and preservation of these early playthings affords collectors and visitors an artful insight into our past.The Nuremberg kitchens and many shops and dollhouses along with the period toys enhance our reminiscence of earlier times."
Calendar of events.
Wilmington - Delaware Museum of Natural History
"Exhibit Highlights include •A visit to an African Waterhole •A Walk over the Great Barrier Reef •Introduction to Delaware's Fauna •The Largest Bird Egg in the World •Extinct and Vanishing Birds •A 500 Pound Clam •The Beauty and Diversity of Shells."
No calendar of events.
Wilmington - Brandywine Zoo
"Located at 1001 North Park Drive, off of Monkey Hill Road. Open year-round."
Calendar of events on the home page.

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