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Information below from Taking The Scenic Route and personal observations during our cross country trip 1997. Senic byways are selected based on the landscapes and facilities to enjoy the landscapes. For your own copy, write the Idaho Transportation Department, P.O. Box 7129, Boise, ID 83707-1129.

Pend Oreille Scenic Byway -- North Idaho
A 45 minute trip winding along the north shore of Lake Pend Oreille. For the angler, Lake Pend Oreille holds more than 14 different species of game fish. Nestled among lush green mountains, the 111 miles of shoreline provide bountiful shore to enjoy. Take highway 200 between U.S. 95 north of Sandpoint and the Montana state line. Two lane road, 33.4 miles with no passing lanes. Can be icy during the winter.
Attractions include Lake Pend Oreille, Pack River Flats Refuge and Kaniksu National Forest.
Services at Sandpoint, Ponderay, Hope and Clark Fork. Camping at Samowen Campground, 8 miles northwest of Clark Fork.
Lake Coeur d'Alene Scenic Byway -- North Idaho
A 1.5 hour trip along the eastern shore of Lake Coeur d'Alene. Bring your binoculars! Enjoy watching the birds and see why this is one of the most famous summer playgrounds in the Northwest. Take Idaho 97 between Interstate 90 and Idaho 3. Intersects Idaho 3 in the middle of White Pine Scenic Byway(next). Two lane, winding road, 35.8 miles with no passing lanes and can be icy in winter.
Attractions include eagles during December and January, the largest nesting osprey population in the Western United States, Lake Coeur d'Alene, Mineral Ridge Trail at Beauty Bay, and Caribou Ridge National Recreation Trail.
Services at Carlin Bay, Harrison and Cataldo. Camping at Beauty Creek east of Beauty Bay and Bell Bay near Harrison.
White Pine Scenic Byway -- North Idaho
A 2 hour trip through the contrasting forests of Idaho's timber country into the rolling hills of the Palouse region. It's path crosses the picturesque St. Maries and St. Joe rivers. Take Idaho 3 and Idaho 6 between Interstate 90 and U.S. 95 at Potlatch. Two lane roads, 82.8 miles with no passing lanes.
Attractions include Old Mission State Park, Coeur d'Alene River Wildlife Management Area, St. Joe National Forest, and North-South Bowl Ski Area.
Services at St. Maries and Potlatch. Camping at Laird Park, Giant White Pine Park north of Harvard, and Heyburn State Park west of St. Maries.
Moscow resides on U.S. 95 between the White Pine Scenic Byway and the Northwest Passage Scenic Byway.
Northwest Passage Scenic Byway -- Midwest Idaho
A 2 hour trip following the Middle Fork Clearwater River through the Nez Perce land following the Lewis and Clark Expedition trail. A lot of great rest areas along the way. Add an hour, bring a lunch and enjoy the rushing river! Take U.S. 12 and Idaho 13 between U.S. 95 at Spalding and U.S. 95 at Grangeville. This route is a senic alternative to U.S. 95. U.S. 12 is a two lane road with some passing lanes. This is a popular bicycle route. Idaho 13 is a two lane, narrow, winding road with no passing lanes.
Attractions include Eimers Park Visitor Center (Grangeville), Kamiah Welcome Center, Heart of the Monster Park Site (Kamiah), Kooskia Crossing Kiosk, and Canoe Camp at Orofino.
Services at Grangeville, Kamiah, Orofino, Kooskia, Spalding, Myrtle, Lenore, Greer, Stites, and Harpster. Camping at Kamiah, Kooskia, Harpster, Grangeville, Myrtle, and Dworshak.
Payette River Scenic Byway -- Southwest Idaho
A 2.5 hour trip following the white water of the Payette River. Parts of this byway can be taken in half-day to three-day river raft or kayak excursions. Pull off and treat your senses to the sight, sound, smell, and rhythm of one of Idaho's famous whitewater rivers. Take Idaho 55 between Idaho 44 west of Boise and U.S. 95 at New Meadows. This is a narrow, two lane road with occasional passing lanes and slow vehicle turnouts.
Attractions include guided float trips, Cascade Reservoir, McCall Winter Carnival (late January or early February), snowmobilling and cross-country skiing at Smiths Ferry, Ponderosa State Park on Payette Lake, Brundage Mountain Ski Area, Boise National Forest and Payette National Forest.
Services at Boise, Casecade, McCall, Horseshoe Bend, Donnelly and New Medows. Camping at Ponderosa State Park, Cascade Reservoir, Banks area and McCall area.


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State of Idaho
Calendar of events through their home page.
Idaho Division of Tourism Development
"Idaho has some of the most diverse geography in the country. From desert sand dunes to fertile farm land to alpine lakes and granite peaks, Idaho's regional diversity is matched only by its diversity of outdoor activities it offers."
Calendar of events
Idaho State Parks
Idaho Press Tribune's Hunting and Fishing Guide
"A city nestled along the river where the desert softly meets the mountains..."
Calendar of events.
"Historically, Caldwell began as nothing but sagebrush, volcanic soil, deer, jackrabbits, and a vision in the eyes of the farsighted. Its inception and growth occurred largely as a result of the railroad. In fact, towns established by the railroad brought more people into the territory than the earlier gold rushes."
No calendar of events.
"nestled among tall pines on the shores of beautiful Lake Coeur d'Alene, in the heart of northern Idaho."
Calendar of events [I like this area so much, I sent my brother here on his honeymoon! (there was a reason for the 1997 trip!).. CAL]
Garden Valley
"the perfect recreation getaway. Surrounded by mountains, forests and rivers, the Garden Valley, area offers a wide variety of outdoor recreational activities. From cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, hiking, camping, hunting, backpacking and rafting, to rodeos, quilting bees, barbeques, parades, and dances. No Matter what season it is, in Garden Valley, Idaho you'll find the best outdoor recreational opportunities anywhere!"
Calendar of events
Calendar of events
North Idaho Communities ON-Line
No calendar of events.
"In a little over a one-half hour drive you can enjoy skiing at Pebble Creek, swimming at Lava or Downata Hot Springs, and excellent areas for boating, hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. An additional two-hour drive puts you on the doorstep of world class resorts (Sun Valley, Grand Targhee, Jackson Hole, and Park City), scenic vacation spots (Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, the Sawtooth National recreation Area, Island Park, Bear Lake and more), and Salt Lake City."
Calendar of events
"Settled in 1861, the city of Rathdrum is located in the Panhandle of Northern Idaho, 12 miles northwest of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho and 25 miles east of Spokane, Washington. In the late 1860's, a pony express relay station was established in Rathdrum and in 1882, the first Northern Pacific rail line was laid allowing ore from the Silver Valley to be shipped by rail to the mills."
No calendar of events.
"A slice of cultural heritage will come to Idaho as more than 300 dancers and musicians from throughout the world immerse themselves in the Idaho International Folk Dance Festival in Rexburg, Idaho. Each year in July, Rexburg is host to a number of dance teams from around the world."
Calendar of events
"Located on the beautiful Lake Pend Orelille."
Calendar of current events
Annual calendar of events
Nice pictures!
Calendar of events
Sun Valley / Ketchum
"Sun Valley visitors will find it impossible to ignore the abundance of "civilized" pursuits available here in the Idaho wilderness. Art exhibits and gallery opening transfer a touch of the valley's beauty indoors. Outdoors, the renowned Sun Valley Summer Symphony performs weekly concerts to the delight of elk, deer and other locals. Sample the area's culture with our annual Wine Auction, or relive history with the West's largest non-motorized parade during Wagon Days "
Calendar of Events
Sun Valley Guide - "North America's Premier Summer and Winter Resort". Calendar of events
Sun Valley Resort - "the consummate ski destination where the powder is dry, the sun always shines and the harsh winter winds never penetrate. The brilliant sunshine spawned the name for the marvel that was to become the nation's first destination ski area, 'Sun Valley.'" 
Sun Valley Seasons - "a comprehensive guide to the Sun Valley/Ketchum Idaho resort area.".  Calendar of events
Wood River Valley Recreation Guide
"Wood River Valley, where Sun Valley resides."
No calendar of events, but here is a list of activities.

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