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Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks
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Finney County - Garden City
We host the annual Beef Empire Days celebration, 3i Show, home tours, concerts at the band shell, Art in the Park, and many other events. Our golf courses and zoo are featured attractions across the state, as are the Finney County Historical Museum and the world's largest free concrete municipal swimming pool! It's Worth The Trip!!
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From its internationally recognized space museum to its quiet Midwestern lifestyle; from its outstanding corporate citizens down to its agricultural roots, Hutchinson/Reno County, Kansas is full of treasures waiting to be discovered.
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Participant sports and activities abound--from tennis, golf and bowling to hiking, biking and camping.
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Manhattan is nestled in among the picturesque Flint Hills, so named for their numerous bands of limestone and flint. These bands of flinty gravel convinced many an early settler that the land was not suitable for cultivation. A few resourceful pioneers, however, chose to stay and build their farmsteads in the sheltered valleys where water was available even in times of drought and where their cattle could graze on the grassy uplands.
The Flint Hills region still remains largely untouched by the plow and is the last large preserve of native tallgrass prairie in the United States.
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"An integral part of our history can be found in the Fick Fossil and History Museum, listed among the 25 Great Museums in the U.S. Fossils dug by the renowned paleontologist George F. Sternberg are among the many displays.
Southwest of Oakley is Russell Springs, the "Cow Chip Capital" and home to the Butterfield Trail Museum located in the historical former Logan County Court House. Two annual events make this near ghost town come alive. Old Settlers Day in September and the Butterfield Trail Ride in June. "
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Scott City
"Welcome to Scott City, a prehistoric passageway. Eighty-five million years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the land, an inland sea covered western Kansas. The rocks formed during these times contain many important marine animal fossils. During the more recent Pleistocene Epoch (one million years ago), when continental glaciers entered the northeastern corner of Kansas, mammoths and saber-toothed cats lived in the region around modern Scott City. "
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