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Mississippi Division of Tourism Development - State Tourist Information Site.
"Take a drive through the "Hospitality State" and discover the unique places that make Mississippi The South's Warmest Welcome."
Calendar of events.
"Birthplace of Tennessee Williams and Memorial Day. "
Calendar of events.
Civil War sites and re-enactments and the Curlee House.
Calendar of events.
"Festivals, Blues, Catfish, Museums, Cotton"
Calendar of events.
"A smooth blend of the Old and New South, offering a glimpse of the past, while forging straight ahead into the future. Contemporary Southern best describes the flavor of Jackson, one finds cosmopolitan resting comfortably next to historic, a unique contrast to say the least. "
Calendar of events can be reached through their home page.
Mississippi Gulf Coast
"The playground of the South".
No calendar of events.
"The renowned Natchez Spring Pilgrimage once more beckons visitors to this picturesque Mississippi River town to experience the grandeur of the pre-Civil War South. Thirty-two mansions open their doors to visitors for daily tours throughout the five week Pilgrimage.
With more pre-1860 buildings than any other city its size in the United States, Natchez provides visitors with escorted tours through 18th and 19th-century country houses, suburban villas, and grand mansions, all furnished with exquisite antiques and many surrounded by old gardens and parks. Tours are conducted by hoopskirted hostesses who interpret the rooms, furnishings and history of each house. "
Calendar of events.
"Welcome to Starkville, Mississippi - where the attitude is casual and hospitality comes tailgate style!
Home to Mississippi State University, Starkville offers a variety of activities, events, recreation, hotels and unique dining opportunities for even the choosiest traveler. "
Calendar of events.
"Welcome to America's newest casino resort: Tunica, Mississippi! Dubbed the South's Casino Capital, Tunica is big city gaming, with relaxed Southern hospitality. Get ready for top-notch gaming choices, entertainment venues, world-class accommodations and more! Discover the odds and try your luck in Tunica!"
No calendar of events.
"A vibrant, booming city cradled by the hills of Northeast Mississippi, Tupelo charms visitors the world over with a unique mix of museums, historical sites, shopping centers and entertainment facilities. Also the home of Elvis. "
Calendar of events.
"Riverboats docked along the "Mighty Mississippi" provide games of chance, not to mention a spectacular view of "Ole Man River". "
No calendar of events.
Greenville - Washington County
"Experience the Mississippi Delta...cradle of the Blues, home of King Cotton and a lyrical land named for Mark Twain's Mighty Mississippi. The Magnolia State has given us Coca-Cola(r), Kermit the Frog(r), and the Teddy Bear. Come and experience the culture, history, beauty, and Southern hospitality of Washington County, Mississippi."
Calendar of events.
Yazoo County
"Yazoo County is home to many notable personalities, and many of their homes can be seen today. Drive by author Willie Morris' home and neighborhood, as well as entertainer Jerry Clower's former home and church. See where the movie "Miss Firecracker" starring Holly Hunter was filmed in Yazoo, and visit the site of the Witch's Grave as told in Willie Morris' book Good Ole Boy. "
Calendar of events.

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