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Travel Montana - State Tourist Information Site
"Big Sky Country"
Calendar of events.
"Spectacular mountain country surrounds Butte - you can enjoy fishing, climbing, hiking, mountain biking, camping spring, summer, and fall. During the winter months, you may want to make Butte your base for trips to area ski resorts, snowmobile touring, or cross country skiing."
Calendar of events.
including Bigfork, Columbia Falls, Kalispell, Polson and Whitefish
"SPRING brings warm afternoons with wildflowers adorning the meadows and mountainsides. The Flathead boasts three "wild and scenic" rivers, igniting the rafter's spirit of adventure. Mix outdoor exploration with indoor cultural activities such as touring the historic Conrad Mansion and the Hockaday Center for the Arts.
SUMMER'S 80 degree temperatures and low humidity are perfect for basking along the shore or on the water at one of the hundreds of rivers or forested lakes. Try waterskiing, windsurfing, fishing, and boating. Outdoor concerts and theatrical events harmonize with natural beauty. There are rodeos, garden tours, festivals and the cherry harvest along Flathead Lake.
AUTUMN'S crisp mornings echo the crack of your golf ball as it sails effortlessly down the fairway at one of the many outstanding local courses open April through October. The changing colors of the birch. tamarack and maple are magnificent. Bicycling, canoeing and hunting are popular. Elk, moose and deer are abundant.
WINTER is the favorite season for many. While Montana has a reputation for harsh winters, in The Flathead, temperatures are mild - usually in the mid 20's to 30's. The Big Mountain offers over 3,000 acres of skiable terrain. The Flathead also boasts hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails through terrain unmatched in beauty, as well as cross-country skiing, sleigh rides and ice fishing."
Calendar of events.
Lake County
"O beautiful for spacious skies, For amber waves of grain, For purple mountain majesties, Above the fruited plain "
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Lincoln County
"Lincoln County is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains of Northwest Montana. Towering pine trees, mountain streams, wildlife and jagged peaks dominate the surrounding views. Our local Internet access/Community Network is known as the KooteNet, named for the Kootenai Indians who first inhabited this beautiful area."
Calendar of events.

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