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New Mexico Department of Tourism - State Tourist Information Site.
"Bienvenidos a Nuevo Mexico! "
Calendar of events.
"Just 25 minutes away you can be camping in the tall pines of the Lincoln National Forest. Visit the spectacular White Sands National Monument and walk through the pure white gypsum sand. Take a trip into space as you visit the International Space Hall of Fame and the Clyde Tombaugh Omnimax Theater and Planetarium. Families enjoy a ride on the miniature train at the Toy Train Depot in Alameda Park. Don't miss a visit to the Alameda Park Zoo. There's much more to see and do when you visit Alamogordo! "
Calendar of events.
Albuquerque is a magnificently unique combination of the very old and the highly contemporary, the natural world and the manmade environment, the frontier town and the cosmopolitan city, the indigenous and the come-lately. It is a harmonious but spectacular blend of extremely diverse cultures, cuisines, people, styles, stories, pursuits, and panoramas.
Calendar of events.
Angel Fire
"Every day it happens.
Everyday, someone in Angel Fire is hit right between the eyes with the beauty of the place.
We could tell you that a visit to the mountains here is a sure cure for what ails you.
Or that Angel Fire's a slice of paradise, a piece of heaven.
We could say you'll go out of your mind over Angel Fire.
And you'd probably say save it for a song.
We can tell you this. If it's time for a break in your life, a short trip or long vacation, Angel Fire is a great place to go."
No calendar of events, but alot of activites listed on their homepage.
"Today, the oil & gas industry continues to flourish in the Artesia area along with farming, ranching, dairies, small businesses and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center. With a population of 12,000, Artesia, nestled in the Pecos Valley, may be New Mexico's Best Kept Secret.
Fishing, water skiing, boating and sailing await you at Brantley Lake State Park, just 17 miles south of Artesia."
Calendar of events from their homepage.
"The Heart of Enchantment"
"High on the Colorado Plateau of New Mexico, in the valley of the Las Animas River, an oasis-like verdant ribbon winds through this semi-arid region of cactus, sage, and juniper. The city of Aztec is snuggled in this pristine location, and enjoys both the healthy desert climate and the splendor of the lush riparian valley. Distinguished by its warm, sunny summer days and mild winters, and by its location - central to all the natural wonders in the Four Corners area - Aztec attracts visitors from around the world. "
No calendar of events.
"Tomé  Hill, or El Cerro de Tomé, dominates the Rio Grande Valley landscape between Belén and Los Lunas. This major landmark along El Camino Real has been used as a religious site, a refuge from hostile enemies and floods, and as an observation point.
At the foot of Tome' Hill lies La Puerta del Sol, Gateway to the Sun, a steel sculpture commemorating El Camino Real, the Royal Road and Tomé Hill.
The $100,000 art work was sculpted by Gallup artist Armando Alvarez and is intended to reflect the diverse cultures of the region and create an awareness of the history of El Camino Real and its relationship to Valencia County and Tome' Hill."
Special Events
"An ideal community to raise a family or spend your golden years in retirement. Take your time."
Calendar of events.
Framed by the Chihuahuan Desert, the city features numerous attractions, including spectacular aquatic vistas. Every city has an oasis, and with water included, Carlsbad is no exception. Home of Carlsbad Caverns National Park.
Calendar of events.
"Chama is home to....
•the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad.
•hunting, fishing, hiking, biking and other outdoor fun!
•winter recreation and sports.
•friendly people to help you on your vacation. "
Calendar of events under construction.
"Clovis is located on the high plains of Eastern New Mexico in the heart of cattle country, with ranching, farming, the dairy industry, and the railroad comprising important components of the community's economic base. Also, located eight miles to the west of the city is Cannon Air Force Base, which adds a very important dimension to the community's economy and available labor force.
The Norman Petty Studios on 7th Street, known worldwide as the place where Buddy Holly recorded the smash hit, "Peggy Sue," among 18 other hits in 15 months. In his studios, Petty mixed songs for other stars, including Roy Orbison. Clovis' own Fireballs also recorded "Sugar Shack," the number one song in 1963, at Norman Petty Studios. Teenage sensation LeAnn Rimes recently recorded at the studios. Visitors should not miss a tour of the studio."
Calendar of events.
"Across from the Old Church in Corrales and next to the quiet camposanto, nestled behind cottonwoods and elms, Casa San Ysidro’s humble exterior belies the historic and artistic New Mexican treasures within.
Stepping through the entryway, the museum’s visitors are immediately rewarded with a view looking through the dining room and lower kitchen. A San José bulto housed in a Río Abajo tin corner nicho from 1885 greets guests. A large copper cazo, or cooking pot, from the late 1700s sits by a large kiva fireplace, as if ready for use. A Velarde chest created around 1840, only one of 18 recorded, proudly displays its intricate carvings"
Calendar of Events.
"You will find the southwestern corner rich with history, atmosphere, and sunshine, all in great abundance."
Calendar of events.
Eagle Nest
"Bienvenidos a la Espanola, situated in the northern Rio Grande Valley of New Mexico between the 12,000-foot Jemez Mountains to the west and the 13,000 Truchas Peaks to the east. The Rio Grande, Rio Chama and Santa Cruz Rivers converge near the city of Espanola. An area rich in traditions and values, the cultural quilt of the Espanola Valley embraces many centuries of history and is the best kept secret in northern New Mexico."
Calendar of events.
Gallup Convention & Visitors Bureau
"Gallup is a great base for day trip explorations visiting places like Chaco Canyon, El Morro, El Malpais, Canyon de Chelly, Hubbell Trading Post, Painted Desert, Pueblo of Zuni, Navajo Nation Capital - Window Rock and the Ice Caves/Bandera Volcano. "
Calendar of events.
Grants/Cibola County
"Before visiting Grants, you can explore the many attractions of northwestern New Mexico, including Indian cultures, ancient ruins, lava flows, towering mountains, and year-round recreation opportunities. "
Calendar of events.
Las Cruces
Las Cruces Convention and Visitors Bureau
city of "Festive Moods and Friendly Attitudes". We've got the perfect sightsee, carefree, do-it-all or do-nothing vacation. Site was down when checked.
Calendar of events.
Las Vegas
"Come and renew your sense of orientation.
Visit Las Vegas, New Mexico, home of over 900 buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places."
Calendar of events.


Los Alamos
"Welcome to Los Alamos, New Mexico - a small community of 18,500 residents located in the beautiful Jemez Mountains of Northern New Mexico. We are a unique community, in part because of the historical significance and present influence of Los Alamos National Laboratory. We have an excellent school system, a growing downtown business community, and incredible recreational and cultural activities -- including Bandelier National Monument and Pajarito Mountain Ski Hill."
No calendar of events.


"The town of Madrid is located between the cities of Santa Fe and Albuquerque, on State Highway 14 in New Mexico, USA.
It's nestled at the foot of the Ortiz mountains, a mineral rich area which first attracted mining operations as far back as the 1880's. "
A unique and fun site. You virtually travel the city streets and enter various structures. The most imaginative site to date....CAL
No calendar of events.
"Located in Southwest New Mexico along U.S. Highway 60, Magdalena is 2,000 feet above Socorro and 27 miles to the west. Food, gas, lodging, and many other services are available in Magdalena. The population of the Village is estimated to be about 1,000. With only 12 inches of precipitation annually and at an elevation of 6,548 feet, we would be considered high and dry. The wettest month is usually August when afternoon thunderstorms make regular visits. Sunny days abound with mild winter and summer temperatures averaging between 33 and 71 degrees respectively. "
No calendar of events, but a list of things to do and see.




"Home of the NRA Whittington Center, Capulin Volcano National Monument, Sugarite Canyon State Park, and of course our Historic Downtown District. Nestled at the base of Raton Pass on the Santa Fe Trail, Raton is also home to the Santa Fe Trail Balloon Rally, and our Historic Shuler Theater is the summer home of Michael Martin Murphey!! "
Calendar of events.


Red River
Where you're more likely to see a herd of deer than a crowd of people.
Where you're more likely to hear a warm "hello" than withstand a cold shoulder.
Where there are no gangs, no stop lights, no crowds, no pollution, no pretension, and no worries.
Where the family still means something.
There is such a place. It's called Red River, and it's the closest you'll ever come to reliving the "Good Old Days" when days were long and uncomplicated and dreams really did come true."
Calendar of events.
"Roswell, New Mexico, one of the most beautiful cities in Southwest New Mexico is looking forward to your visit. "
Postcards available.
Calendar of events.
"Ruidoso, New Mexico is nestled in the Southern Rocky Mountains. Towering above the village, Sierra Blanca reaches 12,003 feet above sea level. Our mild climate is Seasoned Just Right for outdoor activities. Camping and hiking in pristine Lincoln National Forest. Cool air, horseracing, golf, tennis, and fishing. Art galleries, museums, and shops. Winter sports and skiing. A noisy river."
Calendar of events.
Santa Fe
one of the world's most distinctive cities. A place of varied cultures, diverse traditions and natural beauty that has welcomed travelers for centuries.
Calendar of events.

Santa Rosa

Silver City
"Gateway to The Gila Wilderness, The Mining District, Western New Mexico University, Neighbor to Mimbres Valley, Pinos Altos, Bayard, Hurley, Tyrone, Santa Clara, Arenas Valley, Cliff, Gila and Glenwood."
Calendar of events through their homepage.


La Plaza de Taos Telecommunity
""Mud. Everything is made of MUD!" I heard this comment a hundred times if I heard it once from tourists walking on the Taos Plaza. At the Taos Pueblo, these mud buildings have survived wars, fires, and floods since the 14th century. Not only the buildings but also the people have weathered much, including the influx of inquisitive tourists for more than a century."
Calendar of events.


Taos Virtual Vacation Guide
"The Magic Doesn't End."
Calendar of events.
"A Peaceful Mountain Community"
Calendar of events. Was under construction as of September 6, 1997
Truth or Consequences
"Welcome to Recreational Paradise of the Southwest and proposed new Spaceport SIERRA COUNTY, NEW MEXICO"
No calendar of events.

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