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Badlands -- South Dakota

Badlands National Park Service Site

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I90 West I-90 Wall, South Dakota

Badlands - ST 240

Wall / Pinnacles Entrance

One of the first vistas from the high, flat grasslands
entering the park from the Pinnacles Enterance

Picture by Catherine Leonhard

Colors and clarity are a problem because of the overcast skys and rain.
The mountain in the background is near the Cedar Pass Visitor Center
The colors are much brighter in person.

Badlands - ST 240

Ben Reifel Visitor Center and Cedar Pass

Junction ST 377 to ST 44

(South to Interior, SD; Senic, SD; White River Visitor Center)
Cedar Pass Lodge and Restaurant
Located near Park Headquarters. AC cabins, full service restaurant and gift shop.
Open April 1 through November 1
Box 5, Interior, SD 57750
Badlands Ranch RV Resort
Complete RV hookups, AC cabins, Tent area, Chuckwagon Dinners, trail rides, pool, Jacuzzi, clean showers, fishing ponds
6 miles south of Cedar Pass
HCR 53, Box 3, Interior, SD 57750

Badlands - ST 240

Picture by Hannah Leonhard

Multi-colored mountain near Cedar Pass

Badlands - ST 240

Northeast Entrance

Badlands Inn (in the park)
24 Air-conditioned rooms, ample parking and outdoor pool
1 mile to visitor center
P.O. Box 103, Interior, SD 57750
605-433-5401, 1-800-341-8000
Badlands Helicopter Rides (outside the park)
just outside the east gate
Choose any of four spectacular flights
Open May 15 - September 30
Prairie Homestead Historic Site (outside the park)
1 mile to east entrance
A unique set of homestead buildings in their original location, including a sod dugout home.
Open May through September
Circle 10 campground, motel and cafe (outside the park)
3 miles to east entrance
Full and parital hookups, recreation room, tent sites, campfires and camping cabins
8 new motel units with AC
HCR 1, Box 51A, Phillip, SD 57567
605-433-5451, 1-800-231-3617
Triangle Ranch Bed and Breakfast (outside the park)
Four bedroom, two bath Sears "Alhambra" home furnished in 1920's decor.
Working cattle ranch near the Badlands
Hosts: Kenny and Lyndy Ireland
HCR 1, Box 62, Phillip, SD 57567
Badlands Trading Post and Amoco (outside the park)
At the intersection with I-90
Gifts and crafts from local Sioux Indians
Visitor Information
HCR 01, Box 56, Phillip, SD 57567
I90 EastI-90 Cactus Flat, South Dakota

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ST 44 West ST 44 Rapid City, South Dakota

Badlands - ST 44

Scenic, SD and State Highway 44

Junction ST 44, ST 589 and BIA 27

(South to White River Visitor Center)

Buffalo Gap National Grasslands

Badlands - ST 44

Interior, SD

Junction ST 377 to ST 240

(North to Cedar Pass and I-90)
Badlands Budget Host Motel
View the Badlands from porch or from your room
Air-conditioned, groceries, ice, laundry and snacks
Open May 1 - September 30
HC 54, Box 115, Interior, SD 57750
605-433-5335, 1-800-283-4678
Badlands Interior Campground and Motel
Modern campground with a picturesque view of the Badlands from your campsite
Campsites and cabins
Free hot showers with campsite
Pool, playground, groceries, ice and laundry
Open May 15 - September 30
HC 54, Box 115, Interior, SD 57750
605-433-5335, 1-800-388-4643
ST 44 EastST 44 Winner, South Dakota

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Badlands - ST 589 and BIA 27


Junction ST 589 and BIA 27 with ST 44

(North to Scenic, Interior and I-90)

Badlands - ST 589 and BIA 27

State Highway 589 and White River Visitor Center

ST 589
BIA 27
ST 589/BIA 27 to Wounded Knee and US 18, Batesland, South Dakota