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Virginia Tourism Corporation - State Tourist Information Site by Virginia Tech
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Calendar of events.
"nestled in the mountains of Southwest Virginia, in an area of unparalleled natural beauty and rich in tradition. Take a moment to find out about Abingdon's history (including current facts and statistics), local attractions, our many special events, our fine lodging and restaurants, and the community! "
Calendar of events.
Fairfax County
"leisure travelers seeking an unique vacation experience will find many opportunities to explore early American colonial life, the more than 30,000 acres of parkland, the performing arts and other outstanding attractions. "
No calendar of events.
Prince William County and Manassas
"Experience America's rich heritage in Prince William, Virginia. Canoe along the Potomac where Native Americans hunted and lived... discover Virginia's oldest incorporated town... wander the Lee family plantation site at Leesylvania State Park... reflect on some of the Civil War's most critical conflicts at the Manassas Museum... honor the Marine Corps at Quantico National Cemetery and the Air Ground Museum. With these and dozens more museums and notable historical sites. Plus all the fun stuff! "
Calendar of events.
No calendar of events.
Roanoke Valley
"If you look in any direction, the mountains are there to greet you. First impressions of the Roanoke Valley invariably focus on the breathtaking surroundings of the scenic Blue Ridge and Allegheny mountains. The beauty and solitude of the mountains counterbalance the Valley's energetic bustle and countless opportunities for wholesome recreation and rugged exploration. "
Calendar of events.
Virginia Beach
"The beach is, of course, the attraction that draws visitors to our city year after year. Clean and wide, caressed by the water, it seems almost magical in its power to rejuvenate. And although many visitors tend to focus on the resort area, there is a lot more to Virginia Beach than the oceanfront alone. "
Calendar of events through their home page.
"Welcome to the largest repository of Internet Resources detailing Williamsburg and Virginia's Historic Triangle. This site is generated from a database of over 250,000 web-pages. "
No calendar, but a list of events can be reached through their home page.

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