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Roadside America Wyoming for the location of the unusual (check out the shoes made from Big Nose George).


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National Forests

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Wyoming Division of Tourism and State Marketing - State Tourist Information Site
Calendar of summer events.
Online Vacation Guide
"Aladdin is located in the Northeast corner of Wyoming and is your scenic route to Devils Tower National Mounment. Aladdin is easy to find. Take I-90 exit 199 (Wyoming highway 111) and go eleven miles north, or take SD 34/WY24 west from highway 85, just south of Belle Fourche, SD, for 17 miles. Either drive takes you through picture-postcard country to historic Aladdin and the Aladdin Store. "
Events listed on their homepage. This is the smallest community known to be listed in RnRnow.com at a poplulation of 15!
" The Big Horns offer many recreational opportunities for the traveler. In summertime there is fishing, hiking, camping, photography or wildlife watching. In the fall the Big Horns, and the entire Big Horn Basin as well, offer excellent downhill and cross country skiing as well as many miles of snowmobile trails. "
Calendar of events.
"The size of this tiny Wyoming town--population thirty-three!--is misleading. There is plenty to do here, from shopping at the Sand Creek Trading Post to visiting the Vore Buffalo Jump site, a local archaeological treasure. And of course, Beulah is involved in motorcycle racing and other fun events during the annual Sturgis rally. (Beulah is located just minutes from Sturgis on "the loop.")
Now Beulah's something extra special, home to the World's Largest Parade in the Smallest Town. Our July 4 parade was a blast!"
No calendar of events.
Bighorn mountain country
"Big Horn City, Wyoming territory, sheltered on the Eastern side of the magnificent Big Horn Mountains, was established on the Bloody Bozeman Trail. Home to outlaws, prostitutes, cowboys, military units and neighboring American Indian tribes, roadhouses and saloons soon sprang up. With the only lawmen miles away, the trail-town flourished in the wild-west tradition until pioneers, discovering the fertile valley in the late 1870’s, settled their families in the area, bringing stability and respectability. "
Calendar of events.
"The Buffalo area is a sportsman's paradise with "blue ribbon" streams, lakes and reservoirs for the fishing enthusiast, trophy hunting, camping and backpacking opportunities, snowmobiling, and fishing. Fly fishing the clear blue waters of a high mountain lake in the Big Horn Wilderness is an adventure people drive for days to experience. "
Calendar of events.
Buffalo Community Web Site
Buffalo and Kaycee
"Johnson County, Wyoming -- tucked away between the rolling plains of the Old West and the towering peaks of the Big Horn Mountains. It's a land rich in both history and scenery. A place of sheep herders and cattle barons, renegades and rustlers. Where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid holed up after their outlaw exploits. Where miners consumed with gold rush fever passed through on the Bozeman Trail. Where some of the most famous Indian battles in American history occurred. And where the Johnson County Cattle War, a rangeland dispute which historians often deem one of the most notorious events in our history, left its mark here in the late 1880's."
" part of the historic Bridger Trail runs through Burlington. "
Calendar of events.
"Welcome...Casper is located in the heart of Wyoming, a city rich in pioneer history, entertainment and recreation. With a landscape of startling contrasts, Casper offers outdoor adventure, a taste of the Old West and fun for the whole family. And Casper's people are one of its greatest assets...friendly, down-to-earth and always willing to lend a helping hand to any explorer. Whether you are looking for history or just want recreation and relaxation, we have it all!"
Calendar of events.
Casper Electronic Town Square
Calendar of events.
"Experience the Spirit of the West...
In most places, you can only reminisce about yesterday's colorful legends. Here in Cheyenne they come to life, energized by the vitality of one of today's most vibrant western cities. Carved first by the pioneers and molded by the path of the great railroad, Cheyenne's rich and colorful lifestyle beckoned the Easterner with the romantic lure of the West, attracting the rowdy town bars to flourish alongside the elegant opera houses, theatres and business establishments."
Calendar of events.
"How did a town get a name like that? Indians stampeded buffalo across the plains to charge over nearby bluffs and the shaggy beast crashed with a "chug" to their deaths near the waters below! "
"Nestled in a scenic valley, protected by bold rimrock and sloping hills, Chugwater has a vast wealth of history. Early ranches, cowboys and indians are an important part of the past. Three National Historic Sites, the Swan Land & Cattle Company, the Diamond Ranch, and the McDonald Ranch, are legends in themselves. When homesteaders arrived and plowed the sod, an ocean of wheat grew on the plains east of town. Grain elevators now highlight the skyline, monuments to the farmer. "
No calendar of events.
"The Cody Nite Rodeo has been hosted by Cody since 1938. The rodeo can be seen every night, from June 1 to August 31, at 8:30 pm. Nearly 60 years of nightly rodeos has earned Cody the title of Rodeo Capital of the World.
Yellowstone National Park is a short drive from Cody. Yellowstone is our nation's oldest national park. The one hour trip from Cody to Yellowstone is through the Wapiti Valley, which Teddy Roosevelt called the most scenic 50 miles in America. Wapiti Valley is in the Shoshone National Forest. Part of the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness is in this area also. Just two miles from Yellowstone Park is Buffalo Bill's original hunting lodge, Pahaska. Northwest of Cody, near Cooke City, is Sunlight Basin. These areas of Cody Country offer many opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, camping, rock climbing, hunting, fishing, horseback riding, biking, and wildlife viewing. "
Events are mentioned throughout this site.
Cody CityLink
Cokeville Information
"Under construction, September 17, 1997"
"Annual celebration the third week in July, the Saturday nearest the 24th, to commemorate the pioneer heritage of our area. It is a weekend set aside to honor those who have gone before us. A tribute to those pioneers that spent their lives building up our town. In our memories they'll always live. We're proud of our brave pioneers.
The day includes a parade, a kids parade, pioneer heritage program, races, dancing, rodeo, lunch in the park and numerous other activities and contests. Family and school reunions are also incorporated into the celebration. On this day the population of Cowley triples. "
"Hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, skiing, camping, golf and historical sites are available in the area.
Dayton Days takes place the last full weekend of July. A parade, entertainment and day-long events, capped off with a town sponsored hamburger feed make for a memorable three day event. "
"From ancient times, when Shoshone and other Indian tribes wintered in the valley, to the present, the people who live in the Upper Wind River Valley have cherished its beauty and gentle climate."
"Located 50 miles from Grand Teton National Park and 80 miles from the south entrance to Yellowstone National Park, Dubois is an easy access and home base for the park's visitors."
"The National Bighorn Sheep Interpretive Center, located in Dubois, is an educational and enjoyable wildlife experience for everyone. Outside Dubois stands Whiskey Mountain, home to the largest bighorn sheep herd in the United States. "
Calendar of events on their homepage. Great pictures on their homepage...CAL
Farson - Eden
"After driving through miles of desert, travelers are delighted to find an Eden-like valley with irrigated fields and tall Cottonwoods creating an oasis in a region that one early pioneer called "a desert in the mountains." The two communities of Eden-Farson are located approximately forty miles north of Rock Springs near the junction of highways 191 and 28 on the southern route to Yellowstone Park. The two communities are sheltered on the North by the rugged Wind River mountains, source of the Little and Big Sandy Rivers which have their confluence near Farson. The Green River lies about twenty miles to the West. Forty miles to the East is the historic South Pass."
No calendar of events.
"The Biggest Little Town in Wyoming."
Calendar of events.
"The Energy Capital of the Nation - Gillette is located on the high plains along Interstate 90 between the Black Hills and Yellowstone National Park. People are drawn to the area for its abundant wildlife, four seasons of natural beauty, and the friendly welcome. Gillette was developed as a ranching area. Development of the oil and coal industry over the years added strength to the growing energy-based economy."
Calendar of events.
Gillette Electronic Town Square
Calendar of events.
Gillette Community Web Site
No calendar of events.
"Glendo, on the site of the old Horseshoe Stage Station, is a favorite spot for outdoor recreation in Platte County. The beautiful Glendo State Park, with Glendo reservoir and marina, is especially attractive to those enjoying water sports. An annual regatta and a fishin tournament draw many entrants and have become major events. Water skiing, windsurfing, sailing and non-competitive fishing are seasonal pleasures open to all who would be inclined to such satisfactions.
West of Glendo rises Laramie Peak, a Wyoming landmark. Some of the oldes ranches in Platte County are on Horsehoe Creek between the base of Laramie Peak and present day Glendo. The surrounding area is a well-kept secret-rich in archaological finds from Indian relics to fossils, as well as to more modern chronicles. This popular seasonal resort is home to thousands of visitors in the summer and is growing to accommodate the needs of tourist and citizens alike. "
Events on their homepage.
Goshen County
No calendar of events.
Green River
"Green River has many area attractions, along with a remarkable history. The rustic, western atmosphere of down town Green River can be revealed by a pleasant walking tour.
While admiring the scenery around town, you may want to stop and have a bite to eat at one of our several restaurants.
If Green River grows on you the way it has grown on its residents, feel free to spend a night in any of our quality hotels and motels.
If you are looking for something to do, take a look at some of the Recreation you can find in Green River. (These pages are still under construction.) "
No calendar of events.
Green River
"A jewel in the crowning mountains of Wyoming's northwest ranges is the massive, intriguing Big Horn Basin. It is surrounded by the peaks of the Yellowstone ecosystem on the west, the Bighorn range on the east and the Wind River range to the south. Though only an hour's drive from Cody, the spectacular Bighorns feature a genuine western lifestyle, few crowds and vast expanses of true wilderness with wildlife, fish, and birding.
Enjoy the peace of solitude, hiking freely in the forests, and abundant wildlife. Visit Shell Falls, on scenic Shell Creek (source of Greybull's fabulous drinking water). Camp where there are few people and experience the natural environment without traffic jams. Guest ranches and motels are available to provide lodging or even active participation in a working cattle ranch.
Midway along these beautiful mountains, at the edge of the basin lies the truly western community of Greybull, Wyoming, just two hours from Yellowstone. It's a ranching community with a railroad background, a bit of light industry, several western saloons, lots of churches, and a hometown atmosphere where people still bake their own bread and grow vegetables behind their homes. Shop in stores where real ranchers buy their wares, at prices real ranchers can afford. Enjoy a friendly rural setting where visitors are still treated as favored guests. "
Calendar of events.
"Guernsey is a scenic town of friendly people, nestled along the banks of the North Platte River, located on highway 26 in Southeastern Wyoming. It takes about a half hour to drive from Wheatland to Guernsey. Guernsey is known as the "Hub of the Oregon Trail " due to the many historic sites located here. Register Cliff, served as the " Register " for the pioneers crossing the country on the Oregon Trail. The names carved as early as 1847, are still visible today. The Oregon Trail Ruts which are a national monument are the Epitome of the trail and its makers. The thousands of covered wagons, carts and conestogas drawn by oxen horses, or mules carved into the Wyoming sandstone a lasting memory of those hardy pioneers who crossed this mighty country to settle the West Coast. The area abounds in archaeological sites, some as old as 10,000 years. "
No calendar of events.
"Picturesque Hartville is one of the oldest incorporated towns in Wyoming established in 1884. It is located in Eureka Canyon - a small community six miles north of Guernsey on highway 270. It is accessible by paved road from the North end of Guernsey State Park and the lake area, in just two and a half miles."
"The original cemetery, Boot Hill, is crowded with the bodies of men who died wearing their cowboy boots. Gunfights really did take place on Main Street. "
No calendar of events.
Jackson Hole Visitor's Guide
"Jackson Hole, to borrow the Wyoming state motto, is "like no place on earth." As part of the largest intact ecosystem in the lower 48 states, Jackson Hole's spectacular scenery, pristine environment and proximity to Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks make the perfect playground for some of the best trout fishing, skiing, rock climbing, mountain biking, camping, hiking, river rafting, and wildlife viewing in North America."
Calendar of events split into winter and summer
Town of Jackson
Jackson Hole
"Set amidst the majestic Teton Range and surrounding mountains is Jackson Hole, one of the largest havens of wildlife remaining in the country. More than 60 species of mammals, over 200 species of birds and over half a dozen game fish call the Jackson Hole area home.
In addition to wild animals, wildflowers in an amazing variety and profusion bloom through the warm months in Jackson Hole. Species include sagebrush buttercups, spring beauties, yellowbells and steershead.
Fishing and hunting are favorite pursuits, along with bird watching, wildlife photography, horseback riding, snowmobiling, skiing, and much, much more.. The beautiful scenery of Jackson Hole provides a picture-perfect backdrop for all kinds of outdoor sports, especially in the fall when the valley's foliage turns to brilliant shades of red and gold."
Jackson Hole Net Magazine
Calendar of events.
Johnson County
"Two of the three forts used as supply bases built along the Bozeman Trail are located in Johnson Wyoming: Fort Reno, set in the southeastern part of the county, and Fort Phil Kearney, the most hated fort by the Indians, near the Johnson County - Sheridan County line. Following the signing of a treaty in 1868, the forts were abandoned and Fort Phil Kearney was burned by the Indians in a defiant act of victory.
West of Buffalo on US 16 is Fort McKinney, originally used as a traveler’s refuge during the use of the Bozeman Trail. The fort is now a domiciliary care facility used primarily for veterans. "
Calendar of events.
"If you enjoy a true Old West atmosphere, visit Kaycee, home of Wyoming’s infamous outlaws. See the actual Hole in the Wall Country and Outlaw Cave, the hideouts of the legendary Butch Cassidy, Sundance Kid and the rest of the Hole in the Wall gang. "
"Kaycee is the site of the Johnson County War, on of the most significant events in Old West history. And the Bozeman Trail, which linked the Oregon Trail to the Montana gold mines, can still be viewed east of Kaycee. In addition, a military post called Old Fort Reno was established on the Bozeman Trail to protect travelers from the Indians. "
"Camping -- There is free overnight camping available at the Kaycee City Park."
Calendar of events.
"The Fossil Fish Capital of the World.
Kemmerer, Wyoming is a small town with a population of 103 Pronghorn Antelope, 113,000 Fossil Fish and 3000 people located near the Fossil Butte National Monument, some of the best hunting and fishing in the world, and the majesty of Yellowstone Park."
Home to the first J.C.Penney Store
Events listed on their homepage.
"Nestled against the foothills of the Wind River Mountain Range on the banks of the Popo Agie River, Lander was the first permanent settlement in Fremont County. It started as a frontier military outpost and later became the major supply point for ranchers, natives and homesteaders on both sides of the mountains. Today it is the county seat and home of Sinks Canyon State Park. The park's fame as the "8th" wonder of the world is found where the Popo Agie River"
Calendar of events.
Lander Electronic Town Square
"The Snowy Range National Forest Scenic Byway, Wyoming Highway 130, winds through the heart of the Snowy Range of the Medicine Bow Mountains, providing a well-engineered, pleasant driving experience through some of the Rocky Mountains' most striking country. The road passes a string of alpine lakes, culminating at Lake Marie below majestic Medicine Bow Peak, and provides access to picnic spots, campgrounds, and hiking areas. The portion of this road across the summit is generally closed from early November to Memorial Day weekend, although snowmobilers use it frequently."
Well worth the side trip. Some of the most beautiful alpine sights available by car. Carefully take the dirt road at the top in about 1/2 mile to a picnic area near the lake. (130 was being worked on when we went through).... CAL
Calendar of events.
Laramie Chamber of Commerce
"Today Laramie,"The Gem City of the Plains", is nestled in the valley between the Snowy Range Mountains and the Laramie Range. With its colorful Western heritage, cosmopolitan atmosphere, and outstanding outdoor recreation, the Laramie area offers a unique flavor that delights visitors from all over the world.
The downtown walking tour will help you trace the history and diversity of Laramie. Both public and private buildings reflect the influences the city received as it grew from an "end of tracks" railroad town in 1868 to the bustling city of today. Many of the buildings' have been restored to their original architecture and are on the National Register of Historic Places. You can visit our shops for the best in unique gift items and western wear. You can also dine in some of the finest restaurants in Wyoming. Browse through galleries for original works of art. "Gallery Walks" are scheduled regularly and give you the opportunity to visit with featured artists in a number of galleries. Downtown is alive with specialty shops, restaurants, some very classy apartments, and two of the many bars are historic. Shop owners sponsor a number of special events throughout the year."
City of Laramie
" Laramie is situated on the high grasslands of southeastern Wyoming between the scenic Laramie Range to the east and the spectacular Medicine Bow Mountains to the west. At an elevation of 7,200 feet (2,200 meters) above sea level, Laramie enjoys bright sunshine and a crisp, clean atmosphere year round."
"Golden moments that you will long remember. The majesty of the Bighorn Canyon, the freedom of the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustangs, the beauty of the Bighorn Mountains, and the mystery of the historic Medicine Wheel awaits you. Lovell rests in an area rich in variety, history and contemporary life. Surrounded by mountains on three sides: the spectacular Absaroka and Bearthooth ranges to the west, the rugged Pryor Mountains to the north and the beautiful and "user friendly" Bighorns to the east, this community offers you, the visitor, fresh clean air and boundless recreational opportunities.
The stunning Bighorn Canyon represents 64 million years of the earth’s history. Today, the 71 mile long Bighorn Canyon is one of America’s most spectacular canyons, with the added benefit of the water recreation offered by Bighorn Lake. Camping, fishing, watersports, and weekend programs are offered throughout the summer."
Calendar of events.
"Lusk was named for Frank Lusk, a local rancher who donated land for the town site. Originally settled a few miles west of the present site at Silver Cliff mine, the town moved west when the railroad came through. With the discovery of oil in 1917 at Lance Creek, a small town located 20 miles Northwest of Lusk, Niobrara County's population swelled to over 10,000. In the 1940's Lance Creek was Wyoming's largest oil production area. With the decline of oil field activity during the 1970's, Niobrara County's population base declined sharply. In recent years, the old standby of ranching has once again regained prominence"
No calendar of events.
Pine Bluffs
"As the early Indians crisscrossed the Western Plains, the flat-topped pine covered bluffs provided them with ideal camp sites. They could see the distant mountains to the west and the plains to the east.
The pines atop the bluffs provided firewood, while several hundred feet below, the land was rich in water, grasses, berry bushes, and small game animals. The scenic ravine (I-80 Rest Area) is believed to be one of the paths the Indians used when taking food to the teepee sites on top of the bluffs.
Pine Bluffs greets the westbound traveler with information on what to see and do in Pine Bluffs, Laramie County and Wyoming. The eastbound traveler is provided an opportunity to pause and a hearty Western invitation to return."
Events and sites are listed on their homepage.
"We're right on the way to Yellowstone National Park, the Tetons and Jackson Hole! If you're looking for fewer crowds, western hospitality, and fantastic scenery, visit PINEDALE!"
Calendar of events and area calendar of events.
Platte County
"Wyoming's most hidden fishing vacation spots are located just off Interstate I-25, approximately an hour from Cheyenne, Wyoming and two and a half hours from Denver, Colorado. We have hunting, fishing, camping, historical land marks, places to boat, to windsurf, and to swim. We have the famous Oregon Trail Ruts, Register Cliff and the Pony Express. In Platte County, western hospitality isn't just a catchy sales slogan. We aim to make you feel real welcome, and we're not afraid to talk to strangers... and just wait until you see our blazing red sunsets. You are all invited to visit. "
Calendar of events.
"Consider Powell As A Stop Along Your Way To Spectacular Yellowstone-Teton Country. "
No calendar of events.
"Ranchester, a small town in a thriving ranching community that lies just eight miles from the Big Horn Mountains, is a place where "the handshake is stronger and the smile lasts longer." The quality of life here cannot be measured.
Close by anyone could camp, hunt, fish, hike, hang glide, snow ski or snowmobile. The area hosts wildlife such as deer, moose, elk, bear, blue grouse and wild turkey.
It would not be hard to find numerous rock formations, lakes, streams, or wild flowers blooming well into August. For a quiet, peaceful and relaxing time, Ranchester would be the place to stay.
Located along the beautiful Tongue River, which runs through Town, is the Connor Battlefield site where in 1865, General Patrick E. Connor fought with Chief Black Bear's Arapaho tribe who were camped at this site. At the present time there is a beautiful state park at this location with camping facilities for anyone to come and enjoy the area. "
Calendar of events.
Rawlins - Carbon County
"Carbon County is located in the south-central portion of Wyoming and is the third largest county in Wyoming. Its southern boundary is the Wyoming/Colorado border. The Continental Divide, which separates the  eastern and western watersheds of North America, runs north and south through the county. Western Carbon County contains the southern portion of the unique Great Divide Basin, which does not drain into any ocean.   The county is a study in contrasts - from snow-capped mountains and high plateaus in the south & north, to vast prairie lands in the east and the Red Desert basin in the west. Elevations range from 5,000 feet in the Red Desert to 12,006 feet in the Snowy Range. Parts of the Medicine Bow National Forest located in Carbon County offer a wide variety of year-round activities, including camping, fishing, and snowmobiling. " -- Was there in 1997. Get off the Interstate and don't miss Medicine Bow! One of the more beautiful alpine lakes is just off the road.... CAL.
Calendar of events.
Welcome to Riverton
"Come and enjoy our western hospitality on your way toYellowstone National Park, The Grand Tetons, or Jackson Hole.
Visit Wyoming's only Indian reservation that surrounds Riverton."
Events mentioned throughout their homepage.
Rock Springs
"The history of Rock Springs can best be seen in its downtown. The Rock Springs Historic Business District is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The buildings reflect the changing economic fortunes of the town. Nineteenth century wood-frame, false-front buildings stand next to imposing early 20th century stone and brick buildings. The heart of the downtown area is the Old City Hall. This large two-story stone building with its distinctive white spire was constructed in 1894 and was used by the city until 1982. Today it houses the Rock Springs Historical Museum. The Fine Arts Center, located in the Rock Springs Library, displays the works of local artists.
The Downtown National Register District is located along North Front Street and South Main Street with the Union Pacific Railroad mainline dividing the two halves of the town. To the north and south of the Business District are the oldest residential neighborhoods. The north side preserves turn-of-the-century coal miners' houses, while the south side contains Queen Anne, Folk Victorian and Craftsman style houses from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. West of the downtown area on College Hill is Western Wyoming Community College. The College is the home of one of the largest displays of dinosaur skeletons in the Intermountain West. Skeletons of Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Camptosaurus, Plesiosaurus, and a large fish called Xiphactinus Audax are on display. Also present are fossilized fish and ancient palm fronds. In addition, the Natural History Museum contains displays on the archaeology and paleontology of southwestern Wyoming."
Calendar of events.
Rock Springs City
"Sheridan County, nestled in a vast, green valley at the base of the Big Horns, is the setting of some of the most engrossing history and spectacular scenery in northern Wyoming. "
Calendar of events.
Sheridan Community Web Site
"When you travel toward Sheridan, Wyoming from any direction, it's obvious why Sheridan is The West at Its Best. The Big Horn Mountains rise to the west, the rolling plains slope in from the east and the City of Sheridan lies in the Big Goose valley.
Sheridan was the center of some of the frontier's most exciting and turbulent history and has the battlesites to prove it.
There's more than history in Sheridan - we have rodeos and ropings, buffalo and biking, snowmobiling and swimming and much more. They all combine to bring you the spirit of the Old West with a lot of fun too."
Calendar of events.
Story Community Web Site
"Story, Wyoming has more to offer than you can possibly imagine! Just minutes from the site of the Historic Wagon Box Fight, Fort Phil Kearny and the Fetterman Battlefield this secluded mountain village offers extraordinary historical and recreational opportunities for visitors to the area. Bring your camera and drive carefully as deer are profuse and can be a hazard. In the summer enjoy meadows alive with wildflowers, camping, hiking, world class fishing and horseback riding in one of the most beautiful, serene mountain areas to be found anywhere! "
No calendar of events.
Sublette Online
Calendar of events.
"You are connected to the original Sundance, located in Crook County in beautiful Northeast Wyoming. This is not the Robert Redford Sundance. This is the real Sundance, where the Sundance Kid, aka Harry Longabaugh, got his name. Where legend has it, the Sioux indians did their sun dance on top of Sundance Mountain. Where the air is clear, the skies are blue, and the natives are friendly."
No calendar of events, but a list of things to do.
"Superior, Wyoming is located just 23 miles from Rock Springs, nestled at the foot of the panoramic Continental Divide. We invite you to enjoy a modern day voyage into yesteryear to a town forgotten by time. Superior remains a diamond in the rough for those seeking real adventure in authentic old west sightseeing.
A Living Ghost Town "
"For the adventurous, Superior offers hours of "treasure hunting" at the all but vanished old town site or at one of many old dump sites. You may choose rock hunting as near Superior lie some of the rarest and youngest volcanoes in the nation."
No calendar of events.
Sweetwater county
"Trona is a naturally occurring mineral that is chemically known as sodium sesquicarbon- ate, the raw material for soda ash. Soda ash is a versatile chemical used to make glass, paper, laundry detergents and many other products you come in contact with every day. Soda ash is also used as a raw material in the manufacturing of other chemicals, including sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and sodium phosphates (detergents)"
No calendar of events.
Ten Sleep
"Ten Sleep, Wyoming is a cool mountain village that is sheltered by its location nestled in the foothills near the Big Horn Mountains in northwest Wyoming. Some of it's richest history took place in the early decades of this century, but Ten Sleep didn't officially become incorporated until 1933. Historic battle-sites, lying to the south include: Bates Battlesite, an engagement in which the Arapahoe were defeated by a coalition composed of U.S. Troops and the Shoshones, and the Dull Knife site. Here, Dull Knife and Wild Hog were defeated leaving the Big Horn Mountains under the control of the white man. "
Calendar of events.
"Thermopolis offers hot mineral pools, steam rooms, Jacuzzis, saunas, massages, and soaking tubs to insure full enjoyment and health benefits from our valuable mineral water....and MORE!"
Calendar of events.
Uinta County
"Take a deep breath, smell the crisp, clean air; soak in the panoramic vistas, relax."
Events and attractions.
"The Red Desert Country is home to some of the largest herds of wild horses in America. It was home to "Desert Dust" the famous wild horse which was photographed by Verne Wood. This area boasts the only desert elk herd in the world and often times some are seen along Interstate 80. The Pronghorn (antelope) is very common, in fact the largest herds in the world live in the Red Desert country."
No calendar of events.
Washakie County
"Know for its wide spectrum or recreational diversions, Washakie County offers a variety of activities to people of all ages for all seasons. In addition to picnicking and hiking in the spectacular Big Horn Mountains, visitors to the area can fish along the Big Horns, go on a camping excursion, or photograph the active wildlife. And during the winter months, the snow covering the countryside creates recreational opportunities as well, including snowmobiling, cross-country skiing and alpine skiing.
Breath-taking Ten Sleep Canyon provides a sensational vista of the Big Horn Basin, revealing fascination geology and allowing a bird’s-eye view of the frisky Wyoming wildlife in their natural habitat.
Animals native to the area include elk, moose and deer, among a myriad of other creatures. Along the way, one must be sure to stop at the Leigh Creek Informative Sign, which tells of and Englishman who accidentally walked off the canyon cliffs into ravine far below while on a hunting trip.
The BLM offers the visitor the opportunity to visit two unique scenic badlands. Gooseberry Creek Scenic Turnout is located a half hour west of Worland and Castle Gardens Scenic Area is located a half hour east of Worland. These colorful badlands are characterized by bizarre arches, goblins, hoodoos, mushrooms and castles. "
Calendar of events.
"Set amid farms and ranches that are irrigated by the largest privately-owned irrigation system in the Country, the town has a nine-hole public golf course, city parks with a free camping area, a swimming pool and tennis courts, Laramie Peak Museum, library, bowling alley, movie theater and fair grounds. Good roads lead east to the Grayrocks Reservoir or west to the mountain parks. "
Events listed on their homepage.
Wind River Country
"Wind River Country is the best kept secret in Wyoming! At the southeastern gate of Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, Fremont County offers the open spaces and sparsely populated area visitors often seek. The solitude of a mountain hike under an azure blue and cloudless sky regenerates the spirit often lost in the hub-bub of city life. Fremont County is the home of many acres of national forest, pristine wilderness areas, some of the finest fishing anywhere, and wonderful friendly hosts in each of the small communities. There are two state parks to enjoy while here. Wildlife abound in the plains and mountains of the county - deer, antelope, bighorn sheep, moose - to mention just a few! The Wind River Reservation, home of the Shoshone and Arapaho Native Americans, is located in the center of the county and glimpses of their culture and history are evident throughout the area. The historic lure of the Winds is evident throughout the county."
No calendar of events.
"Thirty miles to the East, the Big Horn Mountains offer the outdoor enthusiast a choice of year round activities. Hunt Wyoming’s most popular big game animal, the majestic Elk or fish one of the many world class trout streams. Campers enjoy their peaceful stay at Meadowlark or West Ten Sleep Lake while contemplating the beauty and splendor of the area. As winter activities pick up, the mountains host over 100 miles of groomed snowmobile and cross-country ski trails. Alpine skiers "swoosh" their way down the slopes at Powder Pass Ski Area as the silence is broken by the dinner bell at one of the rustic area lodges. The playground area trickles down to the unique badlands where "never is heard a discouraging word and the deer and the antelope play".
Whether visiting or settling, you’ll exprience a warm, friendly welcome from folks who are linked to the area through heritage, history, or quality of life.
Whether you golf our impressive 18 hole public golf course, hike the trails, or ski the mountain tops, the Washakie adventure is one you’ll fondly remember. Worland, Wyoming has it all! "
Calendar of events.
Worland Community Web Site
"Gateway to Yellowstone, the Tetons and so much more!!
The jewel of the Big Horn Basin, Worland is the hub for relaxing, recreational adventure! Yellowstone and the Tetons are but a half days drive to the west. To the south is the awe inspiring Wind River Canyon and Wind River Mountains. To the north you'll find the mystic Medicine Wheel and Indian Petroglyphs. And off to the east are the magnificent Big Horn Mountains and Cloud Peak Wilderness Area... undiscovered, unpopulated, undesturbed. "
Worland Ten Sleep Area of Wyoming
"The West's Premier Destination for Vacationing, Hunting, Skiing, Fishing, Snowmobiling, Sightseeing, Boating, Cycling, Photography, and More! "
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