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You can profit from the Internet too!

Just by putting "brochures-on-the-net"!

Tourist businesses like bed & breakfast places, fishing guides, hunting guides, tour guides, caves, lodges, campgrounds, museums, supply stores, amusement centers, and so on, all have brochures or handouts that they leave at restaurants, tourist information booths, highway rest centers and other locations. These are very effective ads used to bring in new customers. What if that ad was made available to millions of people? Could that help their business?

Ok, but what can I offer?

You can offer them a brochure that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to millions of people. That is, you can offer to have their brochure with up to 4 pictures used to create their own home page on the Internet. A home page that resides at " -- when relaxation can't wait!". You can make this offer through our new

"Brochure-on-the-net" Program.

You can even offer e-mail forwarded from to their personal e-mail address or even to their fax! They don't need a computer to advertise on the Internet, get e-mail and get new customers!

Yea, but it's expensive and no one will buy it.

That is the best part, it is not that expensive! Retail price of a home page on the Internet by other sites can run several hundred dollars or more per year, but at the advertised retail price for "brochure-on-the-net" is only $200 US per year. That is less than $17 per month! Where else can your customer advertise for so little and potentially reach millions of people? Now that is value for your customer!  E-mail forwarding only adds $25US per year and e-mail faxed is $25US per year plus .30 per fax (only available to US fax numbers at this time).

Why should a customer pay for a home page when they can get included in a database for free?

The information in a database is hidden from the automated systems on the Internet -- the ones that add information about Internet pages to the search engines. So your customer's brochure information (and the fact that your customer exists) can not be included in the search engines like Yahoo, AltaVista, Hotbot, Metacrawler, and others. People rely on search engines to locate businesses. Not being in the major search engines is like writing an article for a magazine and not being included in the table of contents or index! People looking for your article will have a very tough time finding it! People looking for what your client offers will have a very tough time finding them! That is why we include submission of each home page to search engines as part of the program.

Sounds great, but what do I have to do? Is it a lot of work? What do I need to know?

All you need to know is what to do, what you can do and how much you will make. Your profits depend on your selling ability and profit margin. Your profit margin depends on your expertise and the amount of work you want do. The more you sell, the more you make. The more you do technically, the greater your profit on each sale! And you can still offer a very good value for the price!

Pick your level of expertise (or level of effort):

For Brochure-on-the-net participation:

Make checks payable to ADIE, Inc.

e-mail :
fax: 1-888-395-1042

snail-mail address:
ADIE, Inc.
519 Washington Street
Huntingdon, PA 16652

What if the customer wants something bigger than a brochure?

For larger handouts (large brochures, catalogs and the like) or online ordering capability, please fax or e-mail details for an estimate of your cost. If someone wants a domain (, please e-mail or fax so we can work together to make a fair offer.

How do I reserve a customer's name?

Just fax or e-mail the details to us to reserve a home page name before you sell it (it may already be reserved or used). Names are reserved for 30 days. Waiting lists for names will be kept, so if a customer procrastinates, they may loose their name! First come, first served!

Does help promote me?

Yes, with your first paid order include information about yourself (things like who you are, what area you live in and how to reach you). You will be identified at the bottom of each of your "brochure-on-the-net" pages with a link to your information on the support page. If you have a home page, we will link to it from the support page.

Does help me promote myself?

Yes, after your second paid order from the same tourist area and every group of two orders after that we will allow you to include a non-profit tourist site or organization free! This builds interest and allows you to support your community efforts. A great way to get known when you get a local historic site on the Internet for free!
In addition, if you have a special tourist oriented event in your community, you can submit the details for consideration as a featured destination.

Does allow webmasters to do more?

If you are a Developer or Webmaster and would like to include content about an area like a calendar of events with monthly updates, stories or pictures, please e-mail us. The cost will be minimal (storage, transmission fees and our time at our hourly rate, which is currently only $25 per hour).

We reserve the right to reject any submitted material and/or to modify material as needed to fit the demands of the Internet, our service providers or any applicable laws. Changes to pages can be done at our hourly rate (currently $40 per hour). Pages can be pulled due to non-payment or untimely payment. Refunds available only during the first 45 days after notification of completion being sent. This notification can be by mail, phone, fax or e-mail.

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