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No where on Earth will offer the excitement of big game hunting on the plains of Africa. No where on Earth will you find such a diversity of animals, such a change in culture, or such a taste of primitive survival. Many travel to Africa to soak up sun under the cabana, Dunn's can help you do that too, but our true mission is to show you the real Africa. The Africa that has not changed since the dawn of time. The Africa where only the strong survive, and hunting is a way of life for both lions, leopards and men. If you desire a taste of the old world and all of its exotic, unforgetable adventures, you will want to join us on our next African safari in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nambia, Botswanna, Tanzania, or Mozambique.

Animals we offer in Africa; Including plains game and "Big 5"

Kudu, impala, warthog, bush pig, blesbok, steinbok, red hartebeast,
water buck, genet cat, gemsbok, lion, elephant, leopard,
wildebeest, and rhino just to mention a few.

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